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Zoey, Travis Banks daughter.


Product Description

Description:  Cabbage-Brassicas
Product Description: 
Relevant Safety Information: Eaten both cooked and raw.Grown above ground outside.Harvested without outer leaves.
Processing Procedure:  Planting, Picking, Packing
Food Additives:  None
Processing Aids:  Plastic Cabbge knife with stainless blade
Preservatives: None
Packaging: Various forms including wax boxes and clam bags
Labelling requirements relating to Food Safety: Product Name, Origin, Date, Farm Name
Durability and Storage conditions: Storage conditions-chill storageUnder 41 F
Method of Preservation:(pH,time temp ect) Chill storage -under 41 F
Product Shelf Life: 14 days from manufacture
Method of Distribution: Product is transported in refrigerated enclosed trucks.
Expected Uses: Used in soups, eaten raw as ingredient for coleslaw.
Vulnerable groups of population: All groups may consume these raw and or cooked.
Potential for abuse: Not washed or refrigerated in the home and / or at the distribution center /retailer.


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